Asscher Cut Diamonds

Diamond Shape: Asscher Cut

Considered a revolutionary concept when it was first cut, the Asscher diamond was created and named after the owners of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Although not exceptionally popular, the Asscher cut has its advantages and Asscher diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who love vintage style. Its architectural cutting style makes it perfect for art deco ring designs, which have caught the eye of many avant-garde diamond connoisseurs.

Many diamond experts compare the facets of a properly cut Asscher to a seemingly endless hallway lined with reflective mirrors, radiating a great deal of shine. Although new cutting techniques are always emerging to optimize the sparkle of the Asscher cut diamond, the same basic characteristics have endured for more than a century. Since the cutting style of an Asscher makes imperfections more visible, it is recommended to choose a diamond clarity grade of SI1 or higher.