Cushion Cut Diamonds

Diamond Shape: Cushion Cut

Possessing a character-rich antique look, the cushion cut diamond is a favorite center stone option for those who prefer vintage style engagement rings and jewelry. The cushion cut gets its vintage appeal from a number of historical cushion diamonds, including the renowned Hope Diamond. Cushion cuts are usually square or slightly rectangular and are often described as pillow-shaped. Antique cushions were cut using step facets until Marcel Tolkowsky introduced the new method of cutting cushions with brilliant facets; the same faceting technique as a modern round cut diamond. This technique added more fire and TIJ and a cushion cut this way is commonly referred to as a “cushion brilliant”.

Nowadays, an even newer method is used when cutting cushion diamonds that add an extra row of facets to the pavilion or bottom of the diamond. Cushions cut this way are generally referred to as a “modified cushion brilliant” on diamond grading reports. Adding a modern flair, they can sometimes look like crushed ice with an enhanced sparkle. Some diamond cutters even use a hybrid of the two methods (larger facets), which decreases the “crushed ice” appearance but retains some of the modified sparkles.