Emerald Cut Diamonds

Diamond Shape: Emerald Cut

Emerald diamonds are the epitome of class and sophistication. The emerald cut is rectangular (square emeralds are commonly referred to as Asscher cut diamonds) with cut corners and rows of step-facets that reflect off each other. This effect is sometimes referred to as a “hallway of mirrors”. Because of its large step-facets (as opposed to brilliant-facets), inclusions are easier to detect in an emerald diamond with the naked eye. For this reason, we recommend selecting a diamond clarity grade of SI1 or higher when selecting an emerald cut.

Emerald cut diamonds are a popular choice among budget-conscious jewelry consumers. The decreased number of facets preserves more of the diamond’s rough weight when cutting, making them less costly than a similarly weighted round or princess stone. Emerald diamonds look best in rings that highlight their clarity and size, such as three stone settings or settings with small accent diamonds. Emerald cuts, because of their wider shape, look great on long, slender fingers and can actually look larger than they actually are.