Heart Cut Diamonds

Diamond Shape: Heart Cut

Nothing says “love” like a heart, and that is what makes the heart shape especially popular in an anniversary gift or engagement ring. Cut similarly to the pear shape, the heart features two rounded edges divided by a single cleft, rather than a single rounded arc. The heart cut is often featured in a simple ring setting to accentuate its unique qualities. The heart shape is best viewed in a diamond larger than .5 carats, as it is difficult to see the details of the cleft and point in smaller stones. If you require a smaller diamond, we recommend a bezel or 3-prong setting to better showcase the heart’s unique shape.

A talented diamond cutter is required to cut the heart shape, as it is one of the most difficult diamond cuts to create. Extreme skill and dexterity are necessary to ensure both round ends of the heart match perfectly and are divided by a sharp, well-defined cleft. We advise selecting the best diamond cut available in your price range to ensure the heart is symmetrical. For optimal symmetry, choose a stone with top arches that are even in height and width. Similar to the marquise, oval, and pear cut, the heart cut is prone to the “bow-tie” effect in the stone’s center, so a visual inspection is highly recommended prior to making your purchase.