Radiant Cut Diamonds

Diamond Shape: Radiant Cut

With an intricate 70 facet cut, radiant diamonds are effervescent and exude a tremendous amount of shine. Originally created by Henry Grossbard as an alternative to the emerald cut, radiant cut diamonds are square or rectangular and are superb reflectors of light and have been popular since their invention in the 1970’s. Those who appreciate the fire of round diamonds and the sophistication of Asscher or emerald diamonds will find the radiant cut to be the perfect combination of both. Radiant cuts, because of their many facets, tend to intensify the color of the stone.

While this makes the radiant cut ideal for fancy color diamonds, we recommend opting for a higher color rating. When shopping for a radiant cut we suggest you choose an H or I diamond color rating or higher because this shape can show more color when compared to a Round cut. Mixed cuts, including the radiant, have been gaining popularity since their invention. These cuts preserve more of the rough stone than brilliant cuts, giving you more diamond per dollar spent. On diamond grading reports, radiants are often categorized as “Cut Cornered Modified Brilliant” shapes.